Terms of Service


* Holding the  sessions

* Various psychological conflicts, issues and traumas counseling

* Personality counseling

* Crisis intervention

* Stress management

* Coping strategies

* Self-awareness

* Creation of a healthy psychosocial environment

* Dealing with feelings, mental hygiene

* Relationship and marriage counseling

* Divorce and separation counseling

* Educational advice, school, learning and exams

* Sexuall counseling


* Dealing with illness, farewell and death

* Advice on personal resources and career choice

* Working environment, burnout, bullying

* Coping with life crises

* Conflict counseling and conflict management

* Stress management for caregivers and family members

* Communication and cooperation in groups and teams

* Goal work, finding meaning, planning for the future

* Decision making

* Behavioral strategy, self-determination and external determination, clarification of priorities

* Mediation of relaxation and regeneration techniques

* Supervision (advice related to the field of work for people in the profession)

* Conduct seminars